Why my family doesn't celebrate christmas {THE THING ABOUT HOLIDAYS.}

{first off, sorry about the photo dump again. But this blog is just the place where I can put all of it..so..sorry. :P}


It's pretty simple, if you research it. Honestly, if you research any holiday, you'll probably wonder why you actually celebrate it. (besides Thanksgiving) Basically all holidays except for Thanksgiving are just plain weird...look at the history!

Christmas- It's a pagan holiday. The catholics basically started it and then later on Christians turned it into something like "Oh let's say that today was the day Jesus was born and give everyone presents and put a tree in our house!" (it actually says in Jeremiah that we shouldn't bring trees into our house) So many people don't actually celebrate Jesus' birth on that day at all, even tho some might. Honestly guys, we should celebrate His birth every day!! 

Valentines- This also has weird history, but supposedly there were these two guys named Valentine who were martyred two years apart on the same day- Feb 14th. And these other people wanted to still celebrate their tradition on the 15th, so they like compromised or something and turned it into the day called Valentines day. If you're wondering what we did for Valentines, we took a whole bunch of cute cards and some candy to 2 local nursing homes and handed them out. It was really fun seeing their faces light up. <3 And at the end of the day- Dad unexpectedly gave me a bag of chocolates which was super sweet. So we do kinda celebrate it because it's a good opportunity to do something like going to a nursing home to hand out cards. Ya know? What do you do for Valentines??

Easter- Okay y'all, the history on Easter is absolutely ABSURD. It's super weird. The bunnies and the eggs actually represent 'fertility gods' supposedly..and what they did way back in the old days is just crazy. You should probably just go look it up and see for yourself. ;) Last year we didn't do an egg hunt, but we might this year just for the fun of it. 

Thanksgiving- THANKSGIVING IS THE BEST. In my opinion. But honestly, my family is grateful for every single day that we get to be living testimonies of Jesus' power. 

New years- Ok so this holiday is basically our 'Christmas'. Not meaning that we bring a tree into our house and adorn it with weird balls, but that we all give presents the very first day of the new year. And of course we bring it in Dec 31st with fake champagne and lots of laughter.


Honestly, I had a hard time last December, seeing so many people with cute family traditions and such. (But then again, Dec was just a kinda hard month for me) But the Lord has been showing me more about how I need to be happy where I am, in whatever season I'm in. 

What do you celebrate? 
How do you celebrate??