at the local park


this was at our house ;) 

yea though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death.....


blogging break [aka Hiatus?] YELLOW MAKES ME HAPPY.

So..life has been incredibly busy. And everyone is going on these 'Hiatuses' but honestly I've been thinking about how I should take a break for at least 3 months now. Blogging has been an incredible experience, I've made many friends through it and it's cool being able to share my perspective on stuff. But on the other hand, I've also had people that I thought were my friends...be not very friendly. Lots of disappointments bc that is the other side of social media stuff. It has also made me compare, a lot. And that's really not good. I struggle with jealousy and comparing my life with others, and not being content. I pretty much always have..but blogging kinda made it worse, bc I'm constantly seeing how many friends people have and this awful jealousy creeps over me. It's really awful, but I'm working on overcoming it. 
ANYWAYS. (real sorry for rambling xD)
Right now I feel like I just need to focus on investing time in my younger siblings, and just not worry about blogging for this month. While I LOVE blogging, sometimes it is a burden. I feel like I should post what's going on, and stuff exciting that happens...and when I don't it just sorta nags me. So I'm gonna try to just step back, relax more this month, and then when May rolls around maybe I'll be able to catch up on the GIVE posts and pics of Snowbell, etc. Maybe I'll schedule a few posts and post on G+ but maybe not. :/ I just need a break is all I know. There is so much going on, and planting is going to be hopefully mid-april. 

I hope that y'all have a great month, it'll probably fly by!! Let's all remember to really enjoy the happy little things in life. and not worry about having to post them.  xD
thanks for sticking with me while i sort out my weird emotions. you guys are crazy awesome <333 see y'all soon xxx


MARCH IS GONE. [reviewing the crazyness]

when power went out and Dad had to crawl under the house in the mid and rain and work on electricity for 4 hours can we all just please agree that he is amazing?? <333

i can srsly no longer do a messy bun with my hair. it's been a wee stressful :'(


morning snugles

this kid is so awesome

so is this little helper ;)

totally redid our entertainment center for major cheapness. #ohyeah 

guess who skinned this?? :D

me very intensely playing Pirates of the Caribbean... 

this is how my brother frys stuff :'D

expert photobomber alert

Rylan was my big helper while everyone was sick, such a cutie!!

spontaneously driving down to the flooded creek and fishing <3

this is his evil smile. don't let his innocence fool ya.

saw I Can Only Imagine in theaters!!!!!!!

*laughing about how we always take selfies with our drinks-- while taking a selfie with my drink :P


lots of storms, no electricity, no wifi, lightning..etc

Micah is getting sooo big :D

spring awesomeness everywhere

lots of rain, flash flood warnings..which is also spring :/

Dad and Dylan almost being struck by lightning...we're so glad they're alive!!!

the trench is finally doneee!!!!!

lilli: Is Micah a child of God??
me: of course!
her: *turns to micah* 'Micah, you are a child of God, and not of Satan!! '

lightning striking AGAIN right in the front yard...

spontaneously driving down to the creek to see the flooding

DRIVING FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER...i drove up the Widow Maker and everyone was about to faint lol :D 

this guy wanting violin lessons..so I started giving him violin lessons...LIKE I HAVE A STUDENT!!

the Bible study at Amy's house + getting to spend time with besties <33

going to starbucks like-- 3 days in a row xDD #chocolateychipcreme 

photography conversations with my adopted grandpa <33

trying some new churches (one had like, 6 old people and boy were they happy that they could move their total attendance number up way high since we came)

i just thought about doritos and now i rly want some --dylan

Mom spiking up alll of the boys' hair XD

sweet + encouraging friends <33

power being out from 6pm to 10pm and little ones were scared of the dark and i almost went insane. 

WE GOT A NEW KITTEN!!!!!!! bc nobody likes Stormy anymore bc he is ugly. But yes, her name is Snowbell and she is such a perfect angel it's unreal. She sleeps with me ;D

learning a lot about midwifery in Nepal...been on my mind a lot. 

1st with the flu: Caden, Rylan, Lilli and Micah sick
2nd day with the flu: Me, Levi, Joshua, Dylan
(when a large family has the flu and you just hope that you don't get it twice -_-)

planted 31 radish plants!!! (i've been dying to plant so WHY NOT?)

also Sage, Oregano, and an Aloe Vera <3333

scrapbooking some...yay for me xD (i also read 3 books..total *cringe*)


started a smashbook and pressed flowers and made memories xxx

Me & Ashley washing our hair in freezing leftover bath water bc we had no electricity...you gotta do what ya gotta do :/

When Dad shaves so that he only has this goteey thing...and so much laughter came out of that :DD 

randomly going to a park #memoriesmade

Lilli crying: They ruined my thing!
Me: Oh hunny!! What was it??
Her: My pile of dirt!
Me: Ooh.. I'm sorry sweetie! 

sometimes i just wish i were 16. :( 


How was y'alls month??
What memory did you make? <33